Summer 2012

This summer was a bipolar whirlwind of genuine loveliness complemented by an unavoidable surge of arduous labor. I can’t fully express how appreciative and fortunate I am to have had the opportunity to experience my first overseas trip to Britain and Holland — AKA Genuine Loveliness. Unfortunately, it was fairly expensive and I needed a bit of help from various family members which, in turn, resulted in me working a full-time landscaping job while also trying to complete my undergraduate coursework via two summer courses — AKA arduous labor.

First World problems, I suppose.

One of the courses that I took during the summer of 2012, My Story on the Web, helped me become more acquainted with all of the possibilities that a blog hosted by has to offer. This class also provided me with an opportunity to put my creativity to the test. I shot and edited videos, took photos, and dabbled with SoundslidesPrezi and other online and offline software. I am proud at the way it turned out and would love for you to take a look for yourself!

All in all, it’s been fun working in the  unrelenting sun to pay my family members back for their gracious donations. It’s undoubtedly been fun, yes, but I’d like to move forward in my life and utilize all that I’ve learned throughout the past four years in college to start a career. I hope that, in four months time, I can find an internship in the Pittsburgh area, graduate, and be closer to digging myself out of the monetary debt that has been piling up since I started at Kent State University in 2008.


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