The Dawn of Dan

There are many things I aspire to get out of my career that coincides with what I also want to get out of life. I want to live a life that allows me to explore my full potential, discover the edge of my capabilities, and be proud of my successes along with the means in which I achieve them. My character is dynamic and I never want to be satisfied with settling for anything less than what I have to offer.


“The pen is mightier than the sword” – Edward Bulwer Lytton

As an emerging advertising professional, this quote represents one of the main reasons behind my love for words and their potential impact. The English language contains an immeasurable amount of words that can exponentially enhance the meaning behind a conveyed message.

  The tedious coursework, exhausting all-nighters, unforgettable social interactions, and a myriad of meaningful experiences have all aided me in the progression into becoming a more mature  and prepared young adult. Working with Kent’s Advertising Club, AAF Kent has taught me about the ups and downs of  teamwork, loyalty and responsibility. I was honored to have had the opportunity to present our research, findings and ideas at the AAF competition in Akron, OH.

Global Ad and PR

There is no doubt that Global Ad and PR has  helped mold me into a more marketable, young professional. Honestly, it still feels like the whole trip was just a beautiful dream. I never thought that I would be able to be fortunate enough to take a trip to the great and historic city of London. Adapting to the London atmosphere; whether it be by learning the tube, how quickly it operates, or the  fast-paced and stylish expectations of London’s culture has been a truly remarkable and unforgettable experience for me.

It was one small step for Dan. One giant leap for Dankind (Mind  the  gap).


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