Interesting Advertising

Let’s get down to business.

  • TNT uses an extremely unique and highly effective approach when demonstrating how it knows drama. This was one of the tactics used to launch the high quality TV channel TNT in Belgium. Passerby’s were tempted to press a big red button that had a sign hanging above it that read ‘Push to add drama.’ Watch and be amazed as the drama unfolds. 
  • Nikon’s COOLPIX S60 can detect up to 12 faces — even if you don’t know the faces are there. This ad demonstrates one of the COOLPIX S60’s primary features as well as its benefits in a comical fashion. Hopefully the cameraman decided to tell the adventurer what lurked behind him.

    The locals can't wait to 'welcome' this adventurer to their home.

    • American Disability Association expressed its need for handicap facilities in a truly captivating way. Many people don’t see a climbing a single set of stairs as a difficult task; however, this ad helps portray how this is not the case for disabled individuals.

      A set of stairs aren't just a set of stairs to some people.


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